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Re: Natsfest announced
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Once the will call guy actually figured out how to print my tickets and we got in the right line, it was a good time.  With the crowds, the Convention Center is definitely a better venue than the stadium.  It was definitely crowded, but pretty well laid out for the most part.  Lots of players there and a lot of different sessions.  One of my favorite moments (besides our intrepid beat writer's horrible questions that I mentioned in a previous post) is when, in a Q&A session, a fan called out Rizzo for being cheap by not resigning Burnett :)

For the all the bashing he gets, Bob Carpenter is actually a great guy.  I got to meet him again, and someone asked about the whole MASN thing and he started bashing the joint broadcasts for the Nats-O's games and said the novelty was long gone.  I like how he makes himself accessible and interacts with fans at events like there.