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Re: Happy Thanksgiving
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Happy thanksgiving! Just put the turkey in the oven :thumbs:

Our other tradition is to give the finger to Black Friday, head out of town to WV for a quiet weekend of fires, reading, hikes in the mountains, and exploration of a new place.  This coming weekend we'll be in a very small cabin at 3,400 ft near Spruce Knob, the >4,800 foot highest peak in WV.  The snow from Sandy has melted, we'll have a clear path to the summit and will probably spend a minute at the top in 10 degrees with 30 mph winds, before we get the F out of there and head down a few hundred feet to a trail down a waterfall laden stream.  Winter hiking ( and these are winter conditions) is the best.  Iced up waterfalls are as spectacular as it gets.  Can't wait. 

That sounds like an awesome tradition. WV has a ton of great places to visit - I love the area around the Green Bank telescope. Absolutely no cellphone or radio reception for miles. Very quiet, small population. Not to mention that visiting the Green Bank Telescope is awesome, great for kids and adults alike! And almost NO light pollution, so if you want to see the stars at night it's a great place.