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Re: Happy Thanksgiving
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We have two Thanksgiving traditions in my immediate family.

Before Thanksgiving day itself, we spend a dinner hour going around the table stating things we are thankful for, each written down on a strip of construction paper (seasonal colors, of course) and then made into interlocked loops for a chain. 

Among mine, a simple "98".

Our other tradition is to give the finger to Black Friday, head out of town to WV for a quiet weekend of fires, reading, hikes in the mountains, and exploration of a new place.  This coming weekend we'll be in a very small cabin at 3,400 ft near Spruce Knob, the >4,800 foot highest peak in WV.  The snow from Sandy has melted, we'll have a clear path to the summit and will probably spend a minute at the top in 10 degrees with 30 mph winds, before we get the F out of there and head down a few hundred feet to a trail down a waterfall laden stream.  Winter hiking ( and these are winter conditions) is the best.  Iced up waterfalls are as spectacular as it gets.  Can't wait.