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Starting a few abstract threads this weekend.    First it was Twinkies, now it's Mike Ditka.    My memory of Ditka goes back to the late 50s.    I was at a baseball game (I think it was between two Steelworker Union teams ..  local 1211 vs 1212) and I remember my dad saying, "See the catcher for Aliquippa?   That's Mike Ditka of Pitt."

Get well Iron Mike.

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Re: Ditka
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Re: Ditka
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Growing up in Chicago in the 1990's, I saw Mike Ditka on TV every day, pitching one product or another. He had a huge portfolio of endorsement deals in Chicago after he lost his last coaching job in New Orleans and remains an iconic figure in that city.

Indeed, Mike Ditka was going to run for Senate in 2004 against Barack Obama, but declined after learning that he would have to give up his endorsement deals to do so.