Author Topic: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays  (Read 17488 times)

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Re: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays
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It really is a bait and switch situation.  You make a promise to your community and your fans that a new stadium and a team of great players will change baseball in Florida.  So you got a new stadium, you get Reyes, and Buhrle among others and they look promising.  Add bright new uniforms and a new name and your brand is complete!  Promises kept!  Then he turns around and essentially sells the farm out from under everyone.

When KMart promises a product and they don't have the product promises; they can get in legal trouble.  Why not Loria? 

Agree to the bait and switch part - Marlins signed these guys (Reyes and Buerhle) a year ago. They performed to their expectations in 2012. So, how (all of a sudden) are those contracts no longer viable?

As far as the Lerners (whether you were LAC or not), they stated upfront that they were rebuilding the team form the ground up, and that they would spend when the time was right - they stuck to their stated plan. At least they never pulled this Marlins kind of crap.