Author Topic: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays  (Read 11604 times)

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Re: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays
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I'm trying to see it from their perspective (as Bowden tried to do). Not that I have any insight into their thinking, but it is reasonable to conjecture that they said, we won 64 games with this roster, so there is no reason to assume we would win more than 64 games next season with the same roster.  (And of course, the other side of that argument is, without Ozzie, but with a real manager, they might have won 95.)

It would not be fair to the fans to stand pat if it meant another 64 win season.  If by trading those guy it meant (1) with the new makeup including the prospects, it could mean 80 wins in 2012; and (2) by spending the money recovered by the salary dump on more prospects and on new and younger free agents, it could pave the way to build a winner for many years. That, rather than letting those guys age in a couple of year and leave the team not only without decent players but also without funds.

It all depends on how they spend the recovered money.  If they pocket it, then they will have perpetrated a crime on baseball.  If they spend it to improve the team, that's a different story.