Author Topic: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays  (Read 16470 times)

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Re: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays
« Reply #125: November 14, 2012, 07:55:32 AM »
BTDUBS, I love the double standard around here, it's perfectly acceptable to call Jeff Loria and his henchmen cheap and greedy (which they definitely are both) but you label the Lerners as such and donks start talking permabans and calling you Henry Ford.

Have you really any comparison?  What the Lerners did to us a couple of years ago pales in comparison to what Loria just did.  If we sell off usable parts for cash then I'll call the LAC and join.

We didn't even come close to having the kind of talent the Marlins had and then sell them all off.  It's not close and you're an idiot for attempting to compare the situations.