Author Topic: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays  (Read 12048 times)

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Re: Marlins trade franchise to Blue Jays
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Uhh... Okay. Folks saying MLB should block this - I agree. But is there any precedent at all to do so? This is bad for the sport, but a trade is a trade, would make for tricky waters in future deals when is 'too much.'

Loria is a joke. Any league and commissioner who lets him freak the Expos, get the Marlins as reward then freak the Marlins raw prolly doesn't care too much what he does.

Comical. Dolphins stadium was so empty even ghosts avoided the place. They rape the taxpayers for billions to fund a park with the least masculine, 'fairy' decorations in pro sports. Then do this. They'll be lucky to have even the players families show up for 2013.

First Loria. Then they get the Ozzie Guillen show for a year. Now this.

When I read the story at first, I laughed and thought awesome! As a Nats fan, they are in our division and have had our number. Now we have an extra 15 or so wins guaranteed. But as a fan of baseball, this crap makes me weep and hope Loria gets run over by the crazy pregnant AZ wife. There is no single worse human being for any professional sport in the world, and I say that as someone who Snyder has driven from even knowing if the Redskins still play. God what a ****sucker. Anyone brandying LAC in the future better remember this jerk and how much worse an owner can get.