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Judge Tosses Out Comcast Suit Against O's
Updated: Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2005 - 2:14 PM

Associated Press Writer

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) - A judge tossed out Wednesday a suit by a cable television company that has refused to broadcast Washington Nationals baseball games in a dispute with the Baltimore Orioles.

Comcast sued the Orioles in April, seeking to block the team from moving their own games to its Mid-Atlantic Sports Network in 2007. The network was part of a deal the Orioles brokered with Major League Baseball to allow the Nationals to move to Washington this season.

Comcast, which has television rights to Orioles games through 2006 and controls cable distribution for much of the Baltimore-Washington area, said the Orioles didn't give it a chance to match other offers. But Montgomery County Circuit Judge Durke G. Thompson ruled that the matching-offer clause in Comcast's contract with the Orioles had not been triggered.

Orioles attorneys said the ruling means Comcast should now start carrying Nationals games.

The judge gave Comcast 30 days to respond.

In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission earlier this month, Comcast said it wants to broadcast Nationals games, but won't be "coerced" into carrying the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

Comcast reiterated its claim that it was refusing to carry Nationals games because MASN is the product of a breach of contract.

The FCC filing states that "Comcast continues to be interested in carrying Nationals games. Comcast, however, will not be coerced into signing an agreement that is bad for its customers and its business and tramples on CSN's contractual rights with respect to Orioles games."


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I honestly cant say I didnt see this coming.  I also somewhat agree with this ruling, as much as I HATE to admit it.  The court is seeing this right.  Until the contract is up, there is nothing to trigger this clause.  Perhaps if Comcast had waited to file this suit, they may have gotten a different outcome.

Im assuming they are going to file an appeal, and to that end, they may get a differente result.  It could have gone the other way, and it is true that Angelos/ Orioles/ MASN did state thier "DESIRE" to move the O's games to MASN in 07, but the only thing that really shows is an intent, not an actual breach  of contract.  Now if the O's had fully begun  that process and or completed it and began airing thier games on MASN and Comcast did NOT get the chance to match an offer, then it would be a completely different story.

It will be interesting to follow this through the appeal process to be sure, but one thing is going to remain constant, and thats not many of our Nationals games on the TV.

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time to start nagging at DISH Network....

put my Nats on my TV!!!

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time to start nagging at DISH Network....

I hear ya on that JMad