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Re: Is RZ "Injury Prone"
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NJ brings up a question of Quanity and Quality and Cheif raised the issue of recency.

I'd say quality matches quanity according to the graphs, which makes sense and says if he is playing through pain, he is doing relatively well with it.

As to recency, it gets more complex. Best fine lines for games in a season is trending down, but not that harshly. Now if you remove 2007 which Chief took exception to having an effect on the states, the best fin line actually levels out and is less descending. It decends more agressively if you start from 2009, but is quite level if you start with 2010. Looks like small data pool as 1 year is one point. I'm sure there is a better way to do this, and I am not a math/graph guy but it looks like this is more emotional for us - Face of Franchise 3 hole hitter and all.

EDIT AND NOD TO CHIEF: The best fit lines get less agressive after 2007, but also have a lower totals, so yes, he could be a guy that fights through and has to take breaks, but I would not say he is injury prone.

The bigger question for me, watching him play, is which one of these will send him to 1B where he doesn't profile