What Should Happen With Espinosa?

Starts at 2B
48 (35.6%)
Replaced/Becomes Utility Player
31 (23%)
Ditched Completely
11 (8.1%)
Trade to Team Looking for MI
34 (25.2%)
DL, surgery or rest, then a month rehab in Syracuse
11 (8.1%)

Total Members Voted: 133

Author Topic: The Espinosa Question: What should happen with him?  (Read 17295 times)

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Re: The Espinosa Question
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3.5 WAR in 2011, 3.8 WAR in 2012. 

Otoh second best WPA at the plate in '11 to negative WPA in '12.  That would seem to confirm what my eyes are telling me, and they are telling me that Espinosa is a poor situational hitter.  In particular he strikes out wayyyyyyy to  much when all we really need is a ball in play. 

On the bright side improving situation hitting seems like something that's possible for a young player.