What Should Happen With Espinosa?

Starts at 2B
48 (35.6%)
Replaced/Becomes Utility Player
31 (23%)
Ditched Completely
11 (8.1%)
Trade to Team Looking for MI
34 (25.2%)
DL, surgery or rest, then a month rehab in Syracuse
11 (8.1%)

Total Members Voted: 133

Author Topic: The Espinosa Question: What should happen with him?  (Read 17796 times)

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Re: The Espinosa Question
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News flash folks - Rizzo loves Danny. Davey Loves Danny. He is your 2013 starting 2B and may see some pine in a HUGE slump so lombo gets some at bats, but Lombo is seen as a utility guy, and I'm okay with that. A rose is a rose, and a Lombo is a slap hitter that fields everywhere he has been played competently to well.

Lock this thread.

God, that sounds like MDS. Where is he? Am I the only one that misses him. This board is not nearly as entertaining without him.