What Should Happen With Espinosa?

Starts at 2B
48 (35.3%)
Replaced/Becomes Utility Player
31 (22.8%)
Ditched Completely
12 (8.8%)
Trade to Team Looking for MI
34 (25%)
DL, surgery or rest, then a month rehab in Syracuse
11 (8.1%)

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Author Topic: The Espinosa Question: What should happen with him?  (Read 20921 times)

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Re: The Espinosa Question
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I think that (JCA's post) pretty well puts to bed the part of the discussion that deals with the 2 spot.  I for one love Harper there. He feeds off the lead off hitter, especially when it was his surrogate big brother, has speed to move himself for the other guys, gets the crowd in (home) or out (away) of the game early, and energizes the offense from that spot. There is not a spot in this lineup where either of our 2B should be discussed until the 7 spot at best. I have seen arguments on here that they should be behind the catcher, but that is a matter of philosophy and I personally like a good situational hitter like Suzuki in that spot. I would be more okay with Lombo there then Espinosa. I know it sounds weird to say a better hitter should go 8th instead of 7th, but its the idea of getting done what needs to be done before the pitcher comes up, after your boom-bust guys had their cuts.

with the lineup talk out of the way, the heart of the question here on this thread goes to what to do with Danny.
I gotta say, when the sting was fresh, I had it in my mind that Danny, Beast, Storen and Clip all needed lesser roles and should be upgraded. I think that was just the sting.

The point was made a few posts up, that Danny is way ahead of bad Ian, and good gracious look at how that bore fruit. Different players to be sure, but with that experience in his pocket, its going to make Rizzo, a "my guys" type GM, be even more of a "my guys" type GM.

News flash folks - Rizzo loves Danny. Davey Loves Danny. He is your 2013 starting 2B and may see some pine in a HUGE slump so lombo gets some at bats, but Lombo is seen as a utility guy, and I'm okay with that. A rose is a rose, and a Lombo is a slap hitter that fields everywhere he has been played competently to well.

Posts that talk about packaging Morse and Danny for something drive me nuts. Not because I am being critical of those folks, but because those thought slip in on me too. Here is the thing...one recently talked about how easy it would be sell because a team looking to compete would love these guys....AREN'T WE LOOKING TO COMPETE??? I KNOW A TEAM WHERE THOSE GUYS FILL ROLES PRETTY WELL.

we have to stop thinking that huge moves are needed. I don't want to be complacent, but I dont think Peavy, Madson, upgrading over Gorzo, and an upgraded bench player is being complacent.  I don't see a need to trade away parts of the core. it is why we are where we are...and don't say "we are watching the world series - that's where we are"...its too 5th grade...and now assuredly since I said don't say it, someone will.

oh, well, rambled enough - main point, this thread  could be 29876 pages long and have all the best hypotheticals in the world - Rizzo like Danny, Davey like Danny - if you plan on watching, you'll be watching Danny, batting 7th, playing Second Base.