What Should Happen With Espinosa?

Starts at 2B
48 (35.6%)
Replaced/Becomes Utility Player
31 (23%)
Ditched Completely
11 (8.1%)
Trade to Team Looking for MI
34 (25.2%)
DL, surgery or rest, then a month rehab in Syracuse
11 (8.1%)

Total Members Voted: 133

Author Topic: The Espinosa Question: What should happen with him?  (Read 17476 times)

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Re: The Espinosa Question
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and, I said I really don't believe in the concept of clutch or choking, but I have seen Espinosa go cold for long stretches, then tear off an absurd week or two. That's great, if the hot streak hits at the right time, and awful if it doesn't

The simple solution is to simply bench him when it's obvious he's cold. Let Lombo play of  a week or so and have Espinosa work through it in the cage.