Author Topic: Ozzie out as Marlins skipper  (Read 1381 times)

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Re: Ozzie out as Marlins skipper
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Does Ozzie manage again? He's young, and as much as it has been used as ammunition against him at times as being meaningless as an indicator of his skills, he does have that 2006 ring.

I am sure he gets another job in the next decade. But damn, any team taking him on would be insane. He is poison to a clubhouse. I'm just not sure which was more detrimental this year, him or Valentine. I could only dream of a club with Valentine as manager and Guillen as bench coach. Fireworks.

Such an arrogant prick, Guillen that is, and a horrible manager to boot. I can't believe he lasted an entire season under Loria. About the next thing to managing with old lady Schott as the owner.