Author Topic: With all this “great year” self-congratulatory back-slapping, just once ...  (Read 1638 times)

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... I'd like to hear someone associated with the team to say the words “Virginia” and “Maryland” just once.
It’s always “Washington.”   City of Washington.  People of Washington.  Washington fans.  District fans.  How great for the city.  How great for the fans of DC.   Washington has a team again.  Washington waited 79 years.  And on and on.

I am willing to bet a week’s salary that more fans at the stadium during each of the playoff games came from Virginia and Maryland than from Washington.

Just once.  It won’t kill them.  That’s all I ask.  Have the Lerners, or Rizzo or Carp or FP utter the words “thanks” and “Vir-gin-ia” or “Mar-y-land.”

I'm not offended because to me, "Washington" includes Montgomery County, P.G. County and the Virginia suburbs. When people only want to talk about people who live in the District of Columbia, they usually say "D.C." or "The District."