Author Topic: With all this “great year” self-congratulatory back-slapping, just once ...  (Read 1405 times)

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Because, if you read my post, you'd know - because most fans are not from Washingtonu.

A little shout-out recognition wouldn't kill them.

My dollars that help support their team are Virginia dollars.

If they don't want my Virginia dollars, I'm happy to keep them.

Are you for real? Because of quotes you mention primarily used by the media, you're going to stay home? With nearly a 100 win team? I repeat: are you for real?

When I went to Nats Park this year, it was "thanks for coming fans." "Thanks Nats fans." "Natitude." Where is Washington in these?

This BS you're going on about are terms the media uses, not the team. I'm sure if you stay home next year, some other VA resident will happily give his "VA dollars." I know I will. And I say that as someone whose family has been in VA for centuries, who owned half of what is now Oakton way back when. The Nats are welcome to my VA dollars next year, and until the day I die.