Who would you rather keep?

Adam LaRoche
68 (60.7%)
Michael Morse
44 (39.3%)

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Re: Morse or LaRoche
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I say it all depends.

Adam LaRoche:  It depends on what his contract demands are.  I wouldn't sign him for 3 or more years, but I recall LaRoche being tired of moving his family around a lot.  He might not go for another contract under 3 years, and he could easily find one over that term in the free agent market.  The amount of money is not as big of an issue to me as the years (hey it's not my money!).  Tyler Moore has shown that he can both field and hit as a ML 1B.  And you need to groom him for that role and see what he has. 

Michael Morse:  It's been written that there is an NL scout who predicts Brian Goodwin should be up as early as next year.  I know it's just one scout's prediction, but it has me intrigued.  Maybe there are other scouts who feel the same way.  Maybe our own scouts believe that too.  Not only would Brian Goodwin fill out our CF spot (or possibly LF if you want to keep Harper at CF), but he would be a true leadoff man, something that Rizzo has been trying to find for centuries.  I don't know how truly ready he is, but this year he played well in the minors and is tearing it up now in the Arizona Fall League.  Maybe it's time for Mike Rizzo's white whale to show what he has.  If our scouts and front office feel that Goodwin is ready early next year or even middle of next year, it might be time to send out feelers to see what you can get for Morse.  Moore can replace Morse's power.