Who would you rather keep?

Adam LaRoche
68 (60.7%)
Michael Morse
44 (39.3%)

Total Members Voted: 112

Author Topic: Morse or LaRoche  (Read 24403 times)

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Re: Morse or LaRoche
« Reply #375: November 30, 2012, 07:20:12 PM »
It is not so much turning on him as saying how is his fit witht he Nats going forward and how can we maximize his value.  I think 90% of the board, including JCA, thinks the guy is a great person and enjoyed his time playing for the team.  I'd also guess there are many here who view the whole "ALR or Morse" issue as "choose between which of your kids gets sacrificed to Baal?"  Morse has a great personality and performed well here, and ALR, while quieter, was a legit MVP candidate in 2012. Nevertheless, if ALR can find a team to give him more years and money, I think most of us would say, good, you deserve the best.  And for Morse, when his name comes up in trades, its generally to teams we think should be interested in him because we think he is a good player to fill a position they need, regardless of the quirks of UZR. 

As for Morse being offered arb next year, I think it is based on an assumption that he'll put up a 3+ WAR year at first in 2013 so such an offer would be low risk.

Didn't we give Morse a contract that went through his arb years?