Who would you rather keep?

Adam LaRoche
68 (60.7%)
Michael Morse
44 (39.3%)

Total Members Voted: 112

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Re: Morse or LaRoche
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I've thought about that as well.  If the Nats go crazy and don't re-sign LaRoche AND trade Morse, then I can see Brown in LF and Moore at 1st.  I don't think that is a recipe for success, nor is it a recipe for disaster either.

I absolutely disagree . We will end up fighting for third place in the division with the Mets and MarlIns if we lose both. Brown and TMo are unproven. I like Moore but he has what less than 150 AB's? Brown and Perez have not shown they can hit. But to be fair I thought that Lombo needed to spend the year in Syracuse after 30 AB's in his September call up.