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Re: DC United! Playoffs!
« Reply #75: November 04, 2012, 08:24:06 AM »
Boring first half with both teams killing time passing the ball around on their own end, it was an ideal pace for the Red Bulls who were playing for the tie, next game they'll be much more aggressive.  Sloppy second half with the own goals and red card, not a high level of soccer on display.  Najar will fit in well here in DC, that move ranks up there with some of the Redskins all time stupidity.  I read some speculation that he might be suspended for an extra game, which during the regular season would be warranted, but a playoff game suspension is already a very significant penalty, so hopefully we'll have him for the next round if the United can pull it out on Wednesday. 

As always the RFK parking lot scene ruled, we partied it up next to the DC Ultras tailgate, the fan clubs marching into the stadium is something that works great in a giant parking lot setting, but not so great at Buzzards Point where there will be no surface lots.  Big down side of the night was that some jerk-off stole my grill, my wife gave that to me for Christmas back in 2002, it had been put to good use at dozens of Redskins, United, and Nats games.  Figures that it would disappear at a United game, Nats and Skins fans have more class.