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Re: Non-Nats Offseason news
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Reynolds and LaPorta, if TT is right, with Chisenhall at 3d.

Reynolds is slotted in as 1B, with LaPorta on the bench as backup.  Mike Aviles is slotted in currently as DH.  I placed LaPorta in as DH because Francona has kept contact with him this off-season to try and work on him giving production...and not in the wind power kind.  Aviles will also be able to give Chisenhall, Cabrera, and Kipnis a breather now and then.

On the bright side, this is Jimenez's last year.  So after this year we won't need his pathetic self around.  Our staff is an absolute mess though.  I loved the Bauer pickup and I'm glad Carrasco is coming back, but he's coming off Tommy John surgery so his effectiveness is up in the air.  McAllister is also pretty good.  But Masterson is inconsistent and Jimenez just sucks.