Author Topic: The Crapitals have mailed it in...and Zubie is gone  (Read 354 times)

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...I hope we lose every game for the rest of the season, the Alexanders are benched, and we beat the Flyers to the #1 pick.  But pride will probably inspire a few too many wins.  I think Hanlon did as well as could have been expected with what he had in his hands, but the fantasy of an NHL-level team really evaporated after New Years.  The next few weeks will be pretty dismal, but since there is really nothing on the line at this point, I'm looking forward to going to lots of fire-sale games from Craig's list!

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Baseball is almost here.  Part of me wants them to lose too.  Get into the lottery.  Zubie is gone. He might come back after he realizes that other teams realizes his stats are inflated because of playing with Ovechkin and don't pay him what he wants.  This offseason will make or break the Capitals.  I'm sort of a new Caps fan, and I'm betting on "make".  I bought season tickets.  I'm not as pessimistic as the long time fans. 

Trading Zubrus and Zednik frees up about 4mil.  Backstrom or even the guy that they got for Zubrus can replace Zubrus in the line up.  Maybe they shell out some dough for a real #1 center or trade their surplus of picks/prospects for someone.  Apparently Jokinen is unhappy in FLA.  Trade them a lottery pick and whatever else they want.  He is a reasonable $5 mil.

I dont see them signing a top line center AND a top d-man.  I hope they sign one of those and trade for the other.

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My favorite Cap...gone.   :'(

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The Crapitols LMAO never heard that used before