Author Topic: The end of the Yankees (for several years)?  (Read 481 times)

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The end of the Yankees (for several years)?
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New York papers have been full of Yankee disintegration. I could link to them, but they are so hard to miss, everywhere.

- Jeter is 38 or 39. If he plays next year, I expect that will be the last season
- Petitte is their second-best starter, and he's about 40. Came out of retirement...does he want the bother of staying in shape during the off-season to pitch another year?
- Mo Rivera wants to pitch one more year. I expect he will. Jeter and Mo.

- ARod is expected to be gone, no matter what the cost. And soon. The benchings were a waving flag. Papers noticed that ARod went to the bench and tried to pick up a blonde woman fan. That did not make him a hereo.

- Swisher flopped, and he's not so young

- Granderson and Tex will be 32 or 33 next season.

- Cano and Gardner were the only guys under 30, and Gardner was hurt.

- The Yankees have no starters after Sabathia (and the hope that Andy returns)

- The farm system is empty.

- Jeter's replacement is about 140 the typical Yankee slugger.

I think the Yankees cannot sign enough free agents to replace all these guys. They haven't been a bad team since about '95, but this could be the start of some serious pain.