Author Topic: How does this video make you feel?  (Read 4021 times)

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Re: How does this video make you feel?
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No offense taken  ...  I absolutely agree.    I believe there is a lot of over diagnosing/over prescribing goin' on all over the place.   That's where the money is.    I also agree on the behavior thing.     I don't think it's always parental though.   There were extraordinary numbers of boys being recommended being tested by female elementary school teachers ...   as was my son's case.    I sat with her and the principal and asked if it could be a lack of control in the classroom.     I simply got the impression that his teacher felt all students should sit there with their legs crossed and nodding.   After I was brought into the "process", I had a "discussion" with my son.     The problem ended.

I don't mean to derail the thread, but I do want to say that I think your case is much more the norm than it being a parental issue.