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Re: How does this video make you feel?
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In that same vein, this BS with Bernadina drives me insane. It's stupid, distracting and stupid. Ooh, wave your hands together, how original. What a joke, and the fact it is reminiscent of the tomahawk chop all the more idiotic. It needs to die, fast.

The Shark motions are soundless and only happen, at most, once a game. Maybe twice if he's in the OF and makes a good grab. The chop is played REPEATEDLY throughout EACH game and has a really, really annoying chant to go with it. They aren't comparable in my mind.

But I think that the Bernie shark thing is fun, especially for the kids. On what team would you think a kid would be excited to see a bench player pinch hit? As long as they don't do it constantly or add "sound" I'm cool with it.

Actually, I'm OK with most things the crowd does as long as it's not repeated multiple times a game and it happens on a "schedule". By this I mean that I'm OK with "Take On Me" because we know exactly when it will happen - when Morse is walking up - and that it's not going to repeated more than once a game. It might be distracting to the players but they know when it will happen and they know when it will stop. The wave, however, happens randomly, doesn't have a stopping point, and is distracting to the players. Same with "the chop". Repetitive, random, annoying.

And again, "gimmicky" stuff like this gets the kids excited. I don't expect a kid to watch every pitch of the game, and it's nice for them to have something to look forward to and participate in. It even helps them remember player names and positions for the younger ones (in the same way that Werth's beard is memorable). I understand it may be annoying to the adults but at least they don't do it all the time.