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Re: How does this video make you feel?
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Reading about your mention of Sweet Caroline had me remembering us using it way back when during opposing team's pitching changes.

I'm insanely glad we stopped, and hope usage of SC in baseball dies a painful, but fast, death. That said... I miss Coach getting up on the dugout and dancing, damn it! The dude has a ton of charisma and his energy was infectious when he'd do his thing. I *think* I remember they changed it to a different song for a couple months (I want to say it was another Diamond song), then stopped. I know he had surgery of some kind, I think it was on his knee, that put him on the "DL" for a bit.

Obviously kill any thought of future usage of Neil Diamond songs. But the Nats need to resume some version of that. There are a million songs I'm sure could work. Coach's choreography was just awesome, his funky moves all timed with the song. I'm sure there are other parks that do something similar, but I've never seen it... Having an usher doing his thing on the dugout was unique and engaging. Honestly, thinking about this, I think I'll toss the Nats an email before next season requesting this. Coach is a great guy, loves the Nats, and the dance on the dugout is sorely missed by me.

For those that don't know/remember, Coach is the 127/128 usher. Like I said, awesome and friendly fellow, and I always looked forward to him doing his thing on the dugout. Just not to Sweet Caroline.