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Re: Nats fanbase
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of course, the Cards were the furthest west and furthest south team until the Dodgers and Giants moved.  KMOX had that incredible signal that covered the country. I have a friend who followed the Cards in Vermont.  They are one of the great national franchises.  I'd probably put them and the the Dodgers as the top names in the NL.  More than the Cubs. The Cubs are more a local phenomenon in a huge local market, I think.  About the longest gap they've gone without winning a World Series was from the Herzog team to 2006 - a bit over 20 years.

Actually the Kansas City A's were furthest west from 1955-57 (Dodgers and Giants debuted on the Left Coast in 1958).

The Cardinals have won more World Series titles than any team other than the Yankees (with 11) - and yet they were the last of the National League's 'Original Eight' to win a modern-era pennant (1926); they went through the first 23 years of the World Series era (1904 included) without a World Series title - in fact it was their first title since 1888 when they won the American Association championship. Since finally bagging that first Series title in 1926 (featuring Grover Cleveland Alexander's famous finale) the longest they've gone without a World Series win is 23 years (1983-2005 inclusive).