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Re: Nats fanbase
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Actually if merchandise sales are any indication we were 3rd to the Yankees.

I wonder how much that is due to out-of-town "bandwagoning" (though with a team this young it's really difficult to call someone a "bandwagoner").

But that's a promising sign. A lot of people have gotten sucked into this charismatic team. Characters like Gio, Harper, Werth are very public and engaging players, and obviously this team's talent has attracted a lot of attention. When I got sucked into the Nats this year I brought a lot of people along for the ride, all of them enjoying every game they attended at the ballpark as well as enjoying watching the games from home.

It's really nice to see a lot of fans at the park! I can't imagine attendance not going up this year. These fans have something to hope for and believe in. It's really, really fun.