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Re: Nats fanbase
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Nationals home opener attendance, through the years - we've never drawn under 39k for a home opener:

2005 - Thursday 14th April vs Diamondbacks - 43,618
2006 - Tuesday 11th April vs Mers - 40,516
2007 - Monday 2nd April vs Marlins - 40,389*
2008 - Sunday 30th March vs Braves - 39,434*
2009 - Monday 13th April vs Phillies - 40,386
2010 - Monday 5th April vs Phillies - 41,290*
2011 - Thursday 31st March vs Braves - 39,055*
2012 - Thursday 12th April vs Reds - 40,907
2013 - Monday, April Fools Day vs Marlins - TBD

*Also regular season opener (all other seasons we opened on the road)


But whatever...great fanbases evolve...they aren't created by just one hot run to the playoffs. Great supporter bases, the kind that'll still put 30k+ into the ballpark for a Tuesday nighter against the Marlins, are built up and nurtured by organisations that continue to work to put a quality product out on the diamond.

Interesting that the numbers at RFK and Nats Park were about the same despite RFK having a higher capacity.  2005 and 2008 both had higher numbers of actual attendance but lots of comp seats that didn't count toward the paid attendance.  2006 (or 2007?) had that great sunny day that led to a huge walk up crowd, fantastic tailgating crowd back in those days.  2011 didn't sell out and I think that there must have been about 50% no shows due to the nasty weather.  With an increased STH base and renewed excitement about the team, OD will certainly be a sell out, despite the weekday match-up against a lesser opponent.  Of course game 2 will draw around 16-18K (I'll be there to get my magnet schedule).