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Re: Spring Baseball is >>> October Baseball anyway
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The Naples News has a profile of each of the candidates running for county office on their thoughts about luring the Nats to take over the Red Sox old facility.  Not much disagreement among the group, they are all for getting a team but they are all against spending tax money to upgrade the ballpark, although the county is already paying a million a year to maintain the vacant stadium.  The consensus is that City of Palms Park is good enough as-is, so the Nats could just move in without having the county pay for enhancements.  They're offering a ready made park, a nearby airport, nearby beaches, and short travel times to two other ballparks, which really doesn't sound that bad.  The question is if City of Palms is such a fine facility then why did the Red Sox move out?  Why would the Nats be interested in Boston's sloppy seconds?