Author Topic: Spring Baseball is >>> October Baseball anyway  (Read 2436 times)

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Thank you :clap: I might try to go down to Florida with a stop in Alabama this spring.

Go for it, it's a lot of fun, the games are not as exciting, but the relaxed atmosphere and warm March weather can't be beat.  I'm waiting for the week of the 24th to fill in so that I can plan my trip and book the hotels.  I'm eyeing the game against the Mets on the 23rd as it is one of the ballparks I haven't seen yet.  The Nats are not a big draw for spring training so I like to buy seats right behind the visitors dugout for their away games for cheap compared to prices around here.  So far nothing is listed on Stub Hub yet.

Edit: There are some tickets to the games against the Braves at Disney listed on StubHub.  These games are the exception to the rule that cheap seats can be found on the road, the Braves are the priciest of the road games.