Author Topic: Spring Baseball is >>> October Baseball anyway  (Read 2125 times)

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Spring Baseball is >>> October Baseball anyway
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Early start for spring training next year.  The Braves have already announced their home games.  Not the best timing for me because they don't have any games against the Nats during the week I'll be down there.  I'm hoping to get a chance to visit the Mets site and maybe get lucky with a game in Kissimmee since that is near Disney where I'll be staying.

The latest news from Viera is that the county has approved ballpark improvements mostly related to standard upkeep, nothing new for the fans, which is too be expected since the Nats are likely to leave after this year.  The team requested $500K in improvements and the county funded $300K, no word that I've seen on what was rejected.

So far the only news on the new spring training location is that the Nats are still talking with Lee County, which makes no sense based on the information publicly available because the county has $0 for ballpark funding and the most pro-baseball local official just lost an election where his opponent ran on a platform opposing public funding for ballparks.  Something must be up that is not being made public.

Because of the World Baseball Classic, spring training will be elongated in 2013: the first Braves game is set for Feb. 22...

Known schedule to date:
Fri. Feb. 26 at Braves 1 PM
Fri. Mar. 1 at Braves 6 PM
Thr. Mar. 21 at Braves 6 PM