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Re: I'm Already Bored
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Oh come on.... that loss doesn't land squarely on his shoulders, you should know that. I like Drew. I like him as a pitcher and a person. I was talking to him before a game one day and he had me in stitches. He's also really good about signing for people. The girlfriend and I started a tradition of getting one of those "Curly W" baseballs signed before a game and giving it to the best behaved kid in our section with a baseball glove. (Conversation goes along the lines of "Hey, that's a cool glove there, you gonna try and take a baseball home. When they reply with something like "Yeah, I'm gonna try and catch one" I say, "Here, don't worry about it.... take this one." and give them the signed ball) Usually if Drew is out there, he is one of the ones you can count on to come up and interact with the fans.

That being said, it's gonna be a long winter and I can't wait for opening day.

Ive calmed down now. We win as a team and lose as a team, its as simple as that. Yeah, he does seem like a nice guy. His twitter is quite entertaining, he sounds like he would be good to go for a beer with.

My signed baseball remains intact :)