Author Topic: Who is your scapegoat?  (Read 1216 times)

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Re: Who is your scapegoat?
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Everyone isn't equal- when we won,  Werth with his walk off was not equal to Gio cheering from the bench, likewise Tyler Moore doesn't have the same responsibility for last night as Storen.  Maybe if they were twelve,  they'd all get participation trophies,  but they are professionals and they are going to get blamed as individuals when they fall short

My point is there is never one guy you can point to. Why didn't Gio pitch longer, why didn't Desi make that play, why didn't Tracy get that clutch hit, why did Clippard give up that HR, why did Jackson walk two guys, etc.

You get it? There's always plenty of blame to go around. It's like that kicker in the NFL game. He misses he's the goat but it's the team that was down as time was running out.

Blaming one guy is what kids on the playground do. I'd like to think posters on here are a little more sophisticated than that.