Author Topic: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?  (Read 6314 times)

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Re: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?
« Reply #75: November 01, 2012, 10:07:49 PM »
Of course they must have a system for doing this.  I don't know what they use, you probably don't either.

I know it's not SAP or any of the other big ERPs because I asked and my rep said they didn't have any training on it, something SAP or anyone reputable wouldn't allow.

One thing we can both agree on, their systems are superb at bringing cash in, but not so good at paying it back out again.

Wrong. They didn't bill me for the second or third installment last season and only figured it out once I asked them what was going on. They also failed to charge me for two sets of tickets I purchased "on account" last year, another failure I had to bring to their attention for correction.