Author Topic: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?  (Read 7426 times)

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Re: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?
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Sorry Tom but I'm going to disagree with you here. A "simple" TRIGGER* could have avoided this whole situation but it looks like the Nats aren't using a true accounting system for their season ticket sales and are doing something dumb like using Excel. If they were using a ticket sales system a simple UPDATE once the Nats were eliminated would have set off the TRIGGER and issued the refund.  It sound like the workflow the Nats ticketing office is using is labor intensive and fractured.  Not surprising given the ineptitude of the Nats, but pathetic regardless.

* "Simple" TRIGGER here implies setting an event in the accounting system (I.e.. SAP) and would require setting up and testing the business rules once to make sure things work correctly and linking the charge accounts once. No need for reps to do calculations or multiple credits and debits on customer accounts.