Author Topic: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?  (Read 7522 times)

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Re: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?
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So the 4 strips were really 2 pairs of 2 strips, one at the STH price and one at the full price.  Partial refunds were processed in mid-October, with 2 credits to my amex.  The credit showed up online today with Friday's date on it and the amount was exactly what I was expecting.  The credit was not there yesterday.  I've noticed with amex that credits never show up as pending transactions. Otherwise I haven't received any kind of invoice or accounting statement from the team, even though they promised it about 2 weeks ago.  Also, I don't know if my ticket rep had anything to do with this.  I emailed him about 2 weeks ago and got an out of office reply that he'd be away until today.  This took way too long, but in the end, the refund was exactly correct, down to the penny.