Author Topic: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?  (Read 7308 times)

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Re: Credit to Next Year Season Ticket Account?
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My brother just called them and asked them what the freak is up with his money and the dude told him they were sorry and would refund the money immediately. Then he had to point out that there were two charges so the rep was going to refund one and not the other.  :lmao:  My brother asked him what the delay was since other teams refunded the money within days and the dude told him that it's the Nationals policy to do it this way. So it looks like you're going to have to call them to get something done. freaking thieving parasites.

You're joking, right?  That doesn't surprise me at all. The Nationals never fail to reach a new low in cheapness and greediness. I wonder how many suckers are going to lineup to give them an interest free loan next season?