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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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Can someone explain to me what the deal is with trades and contracts? Is it like basketball with a salary cap?

As much as a love Morse id like to see a bit more speed in the outfield. Other than that I dont see why we should make drastic changes. We had the best regular season record which could have been 100+ wins if we had more luck.

I may be talking complete crap so excuse my rookie opinions!
No salary cap,  generally players are team controlled for three years in the majors (500k per year approximately)  then arbitration eligible for three years then free agents unless they sign an extension at some point, there are tons of exceptions and nuances,  but that's the basic formula

Edit JCA beat me to it- the part about looking luxury tax is really important since it chance in the new cba and us onerous enough that most teams are expected to attempt to avoid it