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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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I present to you awesome trade speculation from some unreliable source #1 for the 2012 Hot Stove Season!

I'd actually rather have Upton anyway.  On maybe a four year deal I think he nets us just enough insurance until one of the youngins down on the farm can take over full time.  My bet is on Goodwin by 2015 (give him a full year at AA next year and a full year at AAA in 2014 and he should be ready) and when that happens, maybe you consider trading Upton.  I am a believer that a change of scenery will do him well and I know he isn't a lead off guy and strikes out a lot, but some of that has to come from the inefficient Rays lineup.  Some of his biggest potential bad tendencies can be mirrored over by placing him in a better lineup.

They just signed Kubel, so they won't be trading him. Parra ... maybe, but I'm betting they're more likely to move Young or Upton.

It will take a lot to get Upton. Like Rendon + others to get him.