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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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Here's my 2 cents:

1B – Resign LaRoche.  I don’t think it would take a king’s ransom.

2B – I’d stick with Danny for now.  It’s only really his second full season.  Let’s see how he learns from this season before we pull the plug.  We do have options, but I’m ok with a good fielding, light hitting 2B if the SS hits as well as Desmond.

SS – We’re set.  Desi’s growth is part of the reason I think we can give Espi more time.  Even if Desi gets hurt, we’re in decent shape with solid back ups in the middle infield

3B – Again, we’re set.  Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Zim has surgery on his shoulder this offseason.

OF – Need an upgrade in lf.  Morse is plodding at best.  If we can’t keep Adam move him to first.  Mindfacting that he just isn’t a clutch hitter, as his career RISP is near .300, but it just seems like his big hits are when the game is already on ice or we’re way behind.  I don’t think his bat makes up for his awful defense.  Bryce is doing ok in center, but I’d go for a good CF and more Bryce to a corner.  Werth is good to go in my book.

C – Lots of “middling” depth here.  I’d stick with Suzuki as the starter, but not sure about backup.  His really seems to work well with the pitchers and his bat isn’t a complete liability.  Ramos could be the backup, if he can ever learn how to catch a ball thrown from the outfield.  Everybody else is trade bait.

Starting Pitching – Gio and Straus 1 and 2, don’t know which is which.  JZimm 3…and what a nice #3 starter.  Det #4.  I think that’s one of the strongest 1 – 4 in baseball.  Jackson isn’t bad for a #5 really and if that’s our 1-4, you can leave him out of the playoff rotation if you get there.  I guess I’d be ok if you could keep him for a reasonable price, but Lannan could be #5 as well.

Bullpen – Our biggest weakness.  We need some truly reliable relievers.  Maybe Drew and Clip grow up some as a result of this season and playoffs, but maybe they don’t.  We were getting by all season by rolling the dice, but you could see the playoff meltdown coming down the stretch.

Bench – Pretty solid.

So I keep Espi and sign Adam.  Keep Jackson if he’s cheap, otherwise he walks (maybe with a qualified offer) and go with Lannan.  I see what we can get for Morse, Flores, and a couple of the guys in the pen.