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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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Lol, it will take more than Meyer.

Seriously, some of you value prospects way too much. Meyer is still projected to be a reliever. He's at least two full seasons away from anything other than spot duty. And the D-Backs want to trade away Upton, not Parra. The Dbacks will be looking middle infielder or third baseman, which we don't really have a plethora of.

And while it is just money, you can't expect a GM to just go out and spend tons of it. Especially since that GM has just spent time and money developing a team that had the best record in baseball. We're looking at very minor changes this offseason. That money needs to be slotted to sign players to long term extensions. And we've already depleted the farm system with the Gio team. What we have is still several years away. Which limits our trading partners to teams that are 3-5 years from competing.

agreed.  I don't think we do much other than sign another starter, a utility player, and a bullpen arm.  I don't think Rizzo is making any big trades.  If anyone does get traded, it's likely to be Tyler Moore.