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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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I'd like to do a run-down, position by position:

2013 roster:

1B - LaRoche*
2B - Espinosa
3B - Zimmerman
SS - Desmond
C - Suzuki/Ramos

LF - Werth
CF - Parra** or B.J. Upton***
RF - Harper

OF - Bernadina
OF/IF - Moore
IF - Lombo
IF - Tracy

SP - Stras
SP - Gio
SP - JZimm
SP - Grienke/Haren
SP - Detwiler

RP - Storen - Closer (yes still you ungrateful nags!)
RP - Garcia
RP - Mattheus
RP - Stammen
RP - Burnett ‡
RP - Lefty ‡‡
RP - Madson ‡‡‡

* - LaRoche signs a 2 year extension worth 25 Mil with a mutual option for a third
** - Parra would be a leadoff hitter with great CF defense, but I wonder if he is more of an 8 hole hitter with the option of Werth leading off.
*** - I still have a feeling a change of scenery helps Upton out here, and Washington may still be the best place for him.  He would bat 2nd or 6th and Werth would still lead off.

‡ - Burnett and the club come to the mutual option year.  He is not extended and this is his last year as a Nat.
‡‡ - No really good FA targets so I think a trade is in order unless we take back Mike Gonzalez who was pretty solid and gives us lots of vet experience.
‡‡‡ - Best option to have here, and likely too I think.  Wouldn't be a closer, but it was evident that this bullpen needs solid experience back there.

Lineup with Upton:

1.  LF - Werth
2.  RF - Harper
3.  3B - Zimmerman
4.  1B - LaRoche
5.  SS - Desmond
6.  CF - Upton
7.  C - Suzuki
8.  2B - Espinosa
9.  P - Pitcher

Lineup with Parra:

1.  CF - Parra
2.  RF - Harper
3.  3B - Zimmerman
4.  1B - LaRoche
5.  LF - Werth
6.  SS - Desmond
7.  C - Suzuki
8.  2B - Espinosa
9.  P - Pitcher

Obvious players gone from this season:

Morse - Traded for relief pitching to an AL club.
Clippard - Traded for a potential lefty bat in the minors.

Hard to lose both here, but I think after Clippard's saves this year, he has high value (not as good as after last year though) and Morse has great value to an AL club.  I like them both, but the OF defense must become stronger and honestly a guy like Parra or Upton provides more defensive value and in the case of Upton, similar power production just not as high of an average.  Parra sorts out the lead off questions, but Werth is a good option for now.  This team could use left handed relief options for the future, so I think that is something to pursue with both of these guys in a trade.