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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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No, he's worse than Espinosa. It's just with Lombo, Rendon, and Kobernus, and Espinosa's ability to play SS, Espinosa may be a valuable trade chit - more than his deriders think.  Lombo is a down grade, but probably a 2 WAR guy instead of a 3.5 - 4 WAR guy.  You count on Rendon to develop, and in a pinch, have Kobernus.

You used WAR  in a discussion   :clap:

How well has Jeff Kobernus played? Never followed him - since he was the next pick after Stras, I made the incorrect assumption that he was a filler type to save money.

I don't know what we can trade Espinosa for that will be of equal value AND would improve us in 2013 (by offsetting the downgrade to Lombo.) TB is the only fit, but I don't like Shields. High salaried guy now, who has only had one year of high end rotation production.

I don't see how we can afford both Stras AND Price long term. I guess you can make the trade and let Price walk eventually. It'll take the enitre farm though.

I will admit, I am  :az: over Espinosa.