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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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I don't see Price as a realistic option, but Shields might be obtainable.  TB can contend with Price - hellickson - Moore - Archer - Cobb.  Shields has 2 options, per Cots, $9 MM ($1.5MM buyout) for 2013 and $12MM ($1MM buyout) for 2014, with performance options not listed.  Price was $4.35 MM, and is going into his second option year (he was a super 2 who settled in 2012).  I don't think Price doubles his salary through arbitration, but frankly, Shields is cheap relative to comparable pitchers so perhaps Price ends up being more expensive. 

I think Price should double his salary through arbitration. Dude is Top 5 IMO.

I'd like to have Shields ...