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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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The Braves weren't a real dynasty.  An NL East dynasty sure, but not a real dynasty.

Lol okay. I hope we have a not real dynasty like them. Would be nice to have a world series shot every year for a decade.

I think we could sign one starter and one reliever and be in good shape.  One starter will probably be available the same way EJax was available last winter and picked up on a relatively cheap deal.  Maybe Jackson himself, maybe Anibal Sanchez, Dempster, Haren, Lohse, or Marcum are some big names that may be out there.  Lohse or Marcum could be solid pickups and could realistically be had on one year deals if they are looking for too much money.   

I'd also sign Madsen or Valverde or Brandon League or someone who closed last year but won't be able to find a closer job this winter.  Storen is still the closer for 2013.

I'm also intrigued by having LaRoche back at 1B and Tyler Moore in LF but I think the team would benefit more by having a very good defensive CF that can hit a little bit plus either LaRoche or Moore at 1B.  Either way, I think Morse should be traded for depth somewhere - hopefully another good bullpen arm.

Also - extend JZ.

Of all the pitchers you mentioned, Madson is the only one who might sign a one year deal. And he will get a shot with a team that needs a closer instead of as a 7th inning guy