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Re: 2012/13 Offseason Discussion Thread
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I'd like to sign one of these three (in order of how much I want them) to replace Jackson.

Dan Haren
James Shields
Zack Greinke

If none of them work out, I'd prefer to keep Jackson over signing the likes of Anibal Sanchez, Shawn Marcum, or Brandon McCarthy. I feel they wouldn't offer any better value than Jackson and Jackson seemed to already fit in well here. Francisco Liriano could be an interesting option, though it's hard to trust his wildness. Am I forgetting any other big name starting pitcher free agent?

I'd prefer not to spend a lot of money on a bullpen arm. You can find plenty of value from no names who won't cost as much as a Madson or a Soria. Plus they're too volatile to invest too much money in.

I'd prefer to resign LaRoche to a 2 year deal (3 years max) and try to ship Morse to an AL team but I'm ok with him at first if we can't keep LaRoche. Either way I really feel we need to get Morse out of the outfield. BJ Upton is a flawed player and I'm not sure how much this board would like him knowing how they abhor strikeouts but he's certainly valuable. If he's too expensive another alternative I would like is Angel Pagan.