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You point that out, and you're dead right. Davey screwed that up big time.

Putting Jackson in was the signal. That was stupid. In the end it didn't make the difference, but it was still stupid. Then not to pull him when he showed he still didn't have it.

Davey should have pulled Storen. I'd love to say before we'd blown it, but that's not fair. Davey SHOULD have pulled him when it was tied. Guy didn't have it, and he has zero experience. He's given up two runs, blown it, bases crowded... Bring another guy in. Even if you believe he has it in him, psychologically after giving up those two runs, anyone in Storen's position would be scared/anxious/whatever.

This is the problem though. Not a single one of us can say, "Blame Davey, fire Davey!" He blew this game, but without him we definitely don't win 98 games and probably don't make the playoffs. There is no blame for this game, it was a team loss and the entire team got themselves to this point. Considering we lost 100 games so recently, never had a winning record... you can't blame this team, or want to see someone in tonight's game aside from Jackson gone in the offseason.

That makes it all the more difficult. It'd be so easy to slag blame on someone and want their heads, to focus my suicidal depression into anger at someone. But that's not possible, the whole team failed. And the whole team won 98 games and came within one out of NLCS.