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Re: Vent Thread
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Well that's how I freaking vent. Sorry. I'll put a warning on the top  :lol:

I gotta agree with lo here.  I've been watching baseball for pushing 50 years, and I can only recall a couple of seasons I enjoyed more...and I've only been to two games in my entire life that I rank higher than Thursday night.  As far as single individual events in a game go, being there for Werth's home run is second only to being there for Roberto Clemente's 3000th hit for me.  And actually, I really didn't expect the Nats to go really deep into the playoffs, too inexperienced and just not quite there yet in key areas.  So yeah, maybe a little SSS, but what a great ride...ended too early like good ones do, but I'll get back on this roller coaster in April.